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Hardcore heaven

by Vladimir Kozlov at 10/03/2011 18:23

Scorn, Submerged and Sobaki Tabaka

March 17, 8 pm, 16 Tonn, 6 Presnensky Val., bldg. 1, m. Ulitsa 1905 Goda

A number of internationally renowned indie artists are coming together for a show at 16 Tonn on Thursday – including Scorn, a project by former Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris, and US drum ’n’ bass artist Kurt Gluck, aka Submerged.

Throughout his 25-year career, Harris has been a respected personality on the international indie scene, working in genres as diverse as grindcore, extreme free jazz, dark ambient and hip hop.

A native of Birmingham, Harris started out in the 1980s as a drummer with various punk rock and grindcore lineups, of which the pioneering grindcore band Napalm Death was apparently the best known. His main contribution to the art of drumming was in popularising the blast beat, which has since become a key component of extreme metal and grindcore. He also holds the Guinness world record for the highest number of beats per second – 20.

Upon leaving Napalm Death in 1991, Harris and Napalm Death’s original bassist/singer Nic Bullen founded Scorn. The new project’s trademark was a unique fusion of experimental heavy metal, electronica and dark dub. Scorn have released 12 albums to date, the most recent of which, “Refuse; Start Fires” came out last year.

Sobaki Tabaka

© Photo / myspace.com/sobakitabaka

Sobaki Tabaka

However, Harris’s interests have not been limited to Scorn. He has participated in a number of other projects, including Painkiller, a free jazz-extreme metal trio with versatile sax player John Zorn and bassist Bill Laswell; and Lull, a beatless dark ambient project. The online Allmusic Guide says that Harris’s “genre-spanning activities have done much to jar the minds, expectations, and record collections of audiences previously kept aggressively opposed”.

Scorn’s Moscow show is the first date of their “No Hate, No Gain” European tour together with Kurt Gluck.

Gluck is the founder of Ohm Resistance, a well-known US drum ‘n’ bass label, and co-founder of Obliterati. He is known for collaborations with many well-known artists, while he has released his own material, a unique mix of neurofunk, hardstep and breakcore. He and Harris have been working together for years, and Gluck has performed and recorded with Painkiller. In Moscow, Gluck is to present his most recent album, “Before Fire I Was Against Other People.”

The domestic band Sobaki Tabaka (Tobacco Dogs), practically the only band in Russia playing industrial noise-rock, are to share the stage with the respected foreign guests. They have been around since the mid-1990s, often compared with the likes of Swans, Missing Foundation and Godflesh. At 16 Tonn, Sobaki Tabaka are to present their new programme.

DJ Earectorr and media artist Vadim Epshteyn, aka VJ EPS, are to play their sets as well.

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