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iPad 2 gets earlier Russian release

by at 25/05/2011 18:55


Gadget fans can get their hands on Apple’s latest executive toy sooner than expected after a Russian store broke an embargo on the iPad 2.

The high-spec technology was scheduled to hit the market here in early June, but has been rushed forward to May 27 after the Svyaznoi chain ignored official distribution channels and smuggled the product on to the shelves ahead of schedule.


Early release

However, it is unlikely that any criminal case will follow the actions of Svyaznoi, or those of numerous private sellers who bring the devices from abroad.

This week the gadget will be officially available from Bely Veter Cifrovoi, M.Video, re:Store and z-Store. Yevroset will most likely join this group, leading Mobile Research Group analyst Eldar Murtazin told Gzt.ru.

The price range will be 21-35,000 roubles, depending on the model.


Svyaznoi ruined Jobs’ plans

Apple’s Russian office refused to comment, while their partners only say that they expect to start sales in the next few days.

Earlier market analysts predicted that iPad 2 would not appear before June, but Svyaznoi started selling the gadget on May 12, and it made the manufacturer review their plans, Murtazin said.

The chain started buying the tablets on the so-called “grey market”, and the price of a 16Gb model with a wi-fi was 34,000.


Russia is not first in line

“Unfortunately, Russia is not among the countries that get Apple’s products first,” Svyaznoi’s PR representative Elena Nogotkova said.

In Europe sales started on April, 25. As soon as we got an opportunity to legally buy the iPad 2 for resale, we took it.”

She added that all the iPads were bought legally in Russia, they were certified and went through all the necessary customs procedures.


Russia is used to grey schemes

It is not the first time Svyaznoi has scuppered Steve Jobs’ schedule. They started selling iPhone 4 two months earlier in autumn of 2010.

Using grey schemes for technology is common in Russia. The gadgets are usually bought legally abroad, and taken into the country by individuals, who then sell it on the internet.


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