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Russia’s first 4G smartphone ready for release

by at 12/12/2012 12:40

Russia’s first 4G smartphone is to make its debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona scheduled for February 2013, Vladislav Martynov, head of Yota Devices said.

The company’s Russian team developed the design and software for the dual-displayed, Android-based device, he added in an interview published by Vedomosti on Wednesday.

The second black-and-white display on the phone’s backside has become Yota Device’s main know-how, according to him. The gimmick will enable users to read text information without using too much of the battery, but whether it will greatly boost consumer interest is questionable.

“The second black-and-while screen is a funky thing, but useless,” Alexander Malis, president of Euroset, one of Russia’s leading mobile phone retail networks, told Vedomosti. “But, sometimes funky stuff sells well,” he added.

Previous attempts to develop Russian smartphones – or just sell Chinese products under local brands – have failed, since consumers prefer pricey gadgets from producers by world-famous manufacturers, Alexander Vengranovich, an analyst with Oktrytiye Capital said.

The idea of a Russian state-of-the-art smartphone was first voiced at the time of Dmitry Medvedev’s presidency, when the concept was presented to the gadget-loving head of state.

It took two years and, according to Vedomosti’s sources, millions of dollars, to finish the project. The date when the Yota Phone hits the stores, however, has not been announced.

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