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© Photo Courtesy of Expo-Park

The state of the art

by Vladimir Kozlov at 19/09/2011 19:48

Art Moskva

‘Angel’ by Jeff Cowen

© Courtesy of Expo-Park

‘Angel’ by Jeff Cowen

Sept. 21, 4 pm to 9 pm, Sept. 22 to 25, noon to 8 pm, Central House of Artists (TsDKh), 10 Krymsky Val, m. Park Kultury

The 15th edition of the international art fair Art Moskva is to bring collectors and art lovers up to date on the most current trends in the visual arts domain.

In addition to events targeting mostly professionals, Art Moskva is to feature several exhibitions and art projects. Among the main highlights is “Insight,” an exhibition of works by New York-born photographer Jeff Cowen, who originally came to the limelight thanks to his pictures depicting the tough neighborhoods of the city. He later relocated to Paris and then to Berlin. Cowen’s photographs are to be exhibited in Russia for the first time, and the exhibition is to feature pictures shot in all the three cities.

“Translate/Transcribe,” curated by Ian Gonczarow, is an exhibition of works by young and emerging artists from the United Kingdom. According to the organizers, the show highlights new ways in which “orthodoxy and acceptability may be challenged.” It brings together artists working in such areas as installation, painting, video and sculpture. The list of participants features Benjamin Jenner, Darren Banks, Fiona Curran, Trevor Kiernander, Jason Underhill and other artists.

The New Culture Festival is dedicated to contemporary youth, celebrating new digital technologies that have been made available to younger artists over the last 10 years or so. The festival is to feature works in various areas, including music, cinema, animation and media art.

‘Greenwich Street’ by Jeff Cowen

© Courtesy of Expo-Park

‘Greenwich Street’ by Jeff Cowen

The group “Tajiks’ Art,” consisting of St. Petersburg-based nihilistic intellectuals, is already known for controversial works and performances that play around the theme of migrant workers. In the past, they, for instance, presented homebrewed vodka that they claimed was distilled from the blood of Tajik migrant workers. The group’s new project, which is to be presented at Art Moskva, is also going to be quite bold: they said they would hire real migrant workers and ask them to try to copy works by the country’s top politicians and celebrities that were sold at charity auctions over the last few years. The list of works slated for copying includes, for instance, “Uzor” (“Pattern”) by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, which sold for 37 million rubles, and “Metel” (“Snowstorm”) by former St. Petersburg’s governor Valentina Matviyenko, which sold for 17 million rubles.

An exhibition entitled “Russia – We Need Actual Culture!” features works by young domestic artists who took part in a contest of the same name, organized by Art Moskva in cooperation with the British Higher School Of Art And Design and the online video service RuTube.

Other events featured at Art Moskva include exhibitions of works by Vitas Stasunas and Raphael Reno and “Parallax Of Good And Evil,” described as “a visual and acoustic media project.”

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