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© Courtesy of Galereya na Solyanke

Linoleum: The Best Animation From All Over The World

by Vladimir Kozlov at 31/10/2011 19:52

Until Dec. 15, Galereya Na Solyanke, Ul. Solyanka, 1/2, bldg. 2, m. Kitai-Gorod, solgallery.ru

A continuation of the annual Linoleum animation festival and international competition, this exhibition features prize-winning and non-awarded works as well as some that didn’t make it into the final contest, adding up to a summary of the best animation created in various countries over the past year.

Galereya Na Solyanka is screening dozens of films on 25 screens installed throughout the gallery.

The geography is quite wide this year, including countries with established animation industries, such as the UK, Germany, the United States, France and Russia, and those which are yet to earn recognition in the animation domain, such as Argentina, Iran, Mexico, Chile and Ecuador. “Linoleum” works as an open contest, to which any filmmaker working in animation may submit a film, and the best works are selected to be exhibited. The only restriction is the theme, which changes every year. Last year, it was formulated as “Complete Recovery,” and this year the contestants displayed their takes on “Free Flow.”

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