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© Courtesy of the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

‘The Lumiere Brothers Photogallery collection. Anniversary exhibition’

by at 26/12/2011 19:30

Until Jan. 15 at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, 3 Bolotnaya Nab., bldg. 1, m. Kropotkinskaya, lumiere.ru
Open Mon.-Thu. noon-9 pm, Fri. noon-4 am, Sat.-Sun. 11 am-9 pm, closed Mon.

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is celebrating its 10th birthday with an exhibition of more than 150 vintage photographs, showing all stages of the development of Soviet photography. It incorporates pictures from Lumiere’s past projects, including 2005’s “Moscow Photographic Collections,” 2007’s “Anthology of Russian Photography of the 20th Century. 1960s-70s,” and last year’s “The Phenomenon of the Lithuanian School. Western Photography in the USSR.”

The exhibition starts with the country’s reportage pioneers, such as the acclaimed Alexander Rodchenko, his student and expert of scenic photography Yakov Khalip, Ogonyok magazine’s Arkady Shaikhet and Mark Markov-Grindberg of Itar-Tass news agency.

Wartime photographers include photojournalist Yevgeny Khaldei, who was recognized by the legendary Robert Kapa and was the author of two famous images: a soldier raising the Soviet flag over the Reichstag building in 1945, and dead bodies of the family of a Nazi who killed his wife and children and then committed suicide. Khaldei’s photos were used as evidence at the Nurnberg tribunal, and his photos were exhibited in German museums after the war.

The romantic “Western photography” section features Lithuanian classics by Antanas Sutkus, Aleksandras Macijauskas, Vitaly Butyrin and Vaclovas Straukas.

After the show you can buy prints of your favorite photos at the shop at the entrance.

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