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The Ides of March

by at 16/02/2012 20:42

George Clooney is best known as an Oscar-winning Hollywood actor. But from time to time, he also steps behind the camera and has four features to his name as a director.

Most of the films he has directed have lower budgets than those he stars in, belonging to independent cinema rather than the mainstream, such as his 2005 drama “Good Night, and Good Luck.”

Clooney’s most recent directorial effort, “The Ides of March,” not only did well in the theaters, grossing several times more than its rather moderate $12-million budget, but also collected some Golden Globe nominations and an Oscar nomination for the best screenplay.

Based on Beau Willimon’s 2008 play “Farragut North,” this political thriller centers on the 2004 US presidential campaign. Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling), is a young and naive member of the staff of Mike Morris (Clooney), a Democratic presidential candidate. As the campaign progresses, Stephen learns a lot about dirty tricks in politics, which allows him to improve his position on Morris’ staff.

“The Ides of March” was last year’s Venice International Film Festival’s opening film and had a positive critical reception.

“‘The Ides of March’ is a morality tale that transcends its political trappings enough to resemble a classic tragedy [...], and just about every other scene in the film is a simple pleasure unto itself between the equally confident writing, direction, and performances,” wrote a reviewer for Film.com.

Cut Print Review described the film as “a terrific political drama that growls with low tension and the cynicism of the disillusioned.”

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