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French beat Russians for title of world’s rudest people

by at 13/03/2012 20:16

Russians have been named world’s second rudest nation in a poll carried out by an international travel search website, while the French people took first place in the bad manners competition.  

The poll was published on the British version of the website, but no comment has been provided by the company as to whether the result could have been affected by the nationality of those surveyed.


Third place – Britain

The Brits, however, also ended up at the top of the shameful chart with 10.4 percent voting them the most rude. The French headed the list with 19.2 percent, and 16.6 percent cast their votes for Russians.

Other nations listed in the poll got less than 10 percent of votes. Germans who were ranked fourth in the list, had just 9.9 percent, the Chinese were the fifth with 4.3 percent.

And only a little more than 3 percent of those polled chose Americans and Spaniards when they answered the question about who they thought were world’s rudest people.

Italians, Poles and Turks took the eighth, ninth and 10th places with 2.3, 2.2 and 2.1 percent respectively.


More Russians travelling abroad

The lack of politeness has become one of the traits of the Russian service industry, but smile-less people working in the country’s hospitality sector are unlikely to have affected the results this time.

The number of Russians travelling abroad has been on the rise, and encounters with tourists from other countries happen more often outside of the country. In 2011, the number of those who travel abroad grew by 15 percent in comparison with 2010, according to the Federal Statistics Agency Rosstat.

“When Russian speakers start translating word by word from their mother tongue into English, the person they are talking to might take it the wrong way,” Tatyana Danilova, market development manager at company Skyscanner, which carried the poll out, told RIA Novosti. And what sounds polite in Russian is likely to have an opposite effect if translated into a simplified version of another language, she added.


Rude tourists

Last year, Russians became the world’s rudest tourists, according to another survey carried out by Skyscanner.

The Japanese topped the list of the best-mannered tourists, people from Scandinavian countries showed more interest to local languages, Australians were keen to try local cuisine more than anyone else, and Americans gave the most generous tips, according to the poll.

The Brits ended up in the bottom of the rankings in each category, except for good manners, where Russians dropped to the bottom of the list.



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