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Terror blasts hit Ukraine

by RIA Novosti & The Moscow News at 27/04/2012 18:30

Four blasts in a row rocked the eastern Ukrainian city of Dniepropetrovsk Friday, injuring at least 29 people, 10 of them children, in what Ukrainian prosecutors have already qualified as a terrorist attack.

No deaths have been reported.

"[The blasts] were very professional, the explosives had a lot of metal parts," the local Most-Dnepr news agency reported, citing a police source.

The first bomb went off in a garbage bin at a tram stop on a central city street at about 11:50 local time.

A second explosion hit another street 40 minutes later, in what was also believed to be a bomb placed inside a garbage bin. Two more blasts were registered at 12:45 and 13:00, also in a central area.

Prosecutors launched a criminal case into the blasts, qualifying them as a terror attack, said Margarita Velkova, a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor General's Office.

Five people are in critical condition, 13 more are in a critical but stable condition.

The city is under terrorist alert and a local train station has been evacuated.

While only four blasts have been confirmed, eyewitnesses cited by local media claim that there were as many as 11.


Several suspects were detained amid reports of a shootout between police and the suspected attackers, according to the Ukrainian version of Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The arrests were reported by local media citing police sources, but have not been confirmed officially.

Ukraine's Interior Ministry later denied that any suspects had been taken into custody.




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