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Outspoken Zhirinovsky hit with 'cabbage salad bomb'

by RIA Novosti at 28/01/2013 14:30

The outspoken Liberal Democratic Party of Russia's leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, was plastered with cabbage salad during a press conference on Monday in Kiev, Ukraine.

A woman in the press hall stood up and tossed marinated cabbage salad at the leader and called him a "Ukrainophobe," RIA Novosti reported.

Zhirinovsky, obviously caught off guard by flying cabbage, demanded to know where his security was and that the "schizophrenic woman be removed."

The journalists at the press conference translated from Ukrainian into Russian what the woman had yelled in Zhirinovsky's address, but he did not entirely understand the non-existent word "Ukrainophobe."

When he was explained that the term meant he "doesn't love Ukraine," Zhirinovsky could not agree saying: "There is not a milligram of anti-Ukrainian feelings in Russia."

Zhirinovsky said that he has always called for and still calls for "friendly neighborly relations between the two countries."

After the cabbage-wielding woman was removed from the hall, the press conference continued.


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