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New Ways to Track Students’ Progress

by at 10/06/2008 23:20

Every student in Moscow will have his or her own portfolio by 2011, the first deputy head of Moscow Educational Department Larisa Kurneshova told journalists on Thursday. The portfolio is a kind of a folder that will contain information on each pupils' individual achievements.

"The portfolio will not substitute for student's usual grades books," Kurneshova said. "The purpose of the portfolio is to see during the educational process what the pupil is able to do; what he or she does best and areas which require more attention."

The portfolio will also show the pupils' achievements in sport, their participation in social events and extracurricular activities, their interests and hobbies.

Additionally, "all the secondary schools will shift towards specialist education," Kurneshova said. "It is expected that pupils will show their biases towards certain subjects and interests when studying in initial classes." A number of measures to reintroduce career-guidance for the students is set to follow.

The portfolio's introduction is a part of the city's Education De­velopment for 2009-2011 program, which was discussed by the Moscow State Duma's Committee for Science and Education, as well as in the Moscow government. The program's budget predicts investment of 192.7 billion rubles, Kurneshova said. 

By Sergei Dmitriyev

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