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RIA Novosti has ranked the best dental clinics in Moscow as part of its Social Navigator project. (Research: April-July 2011) For the full report, go to: ria.ru/ratings_multimedia

Over 1,300 public and private dental clinics in Moscow were evaluated; dental experts were interviewed; and patients were surveyed.

On the basis of the data, we formulated a ranking methodology and identified criteria important to patients when choosing a clinic and dentist. In all, 22 criteria were established, divided into three groups: staff qualifications (information gathered from clinics’ websites), quality of service, and customer satisfaction (with the latter two based on patient surveys). The ranking also takes into consideration information about services and costs provided on clinics’ websites.

The following issues were evaluated:

– patient satisfaction with the dentist’s work;
– equipment;
– correlation between price and quality;
– dentist’s manner;
– professional demeanor of dentist’s assistant;
– nurse’s professional demeanor;
– professional demeanor of other staff;
– wait time.

Based on these results, we narrowed down the 30 best large clinics and chains. All of them are privately owned. This ranking of dental clinics is meant to help patients choose the best clinics for their price range (Economy, Business, VIP) based on information on the open internet resource www.32top.ru and to provide them with complete information on the services provided.

The Institute for Market Research, GfK Rus, assisted in the research and formulation of methodology.


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