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Feminist punks perform in Christ the Savior Cathedral

by at 21/02/2012 19:00

Russian punk-rock band Pussy Riot, which was fined in January for singing on Red Square, staged another improvised concert, this time in Russia’s biggest church – Christ the Savior Cathedral.

The young women stood in front of the altar and sang an anti-cleric song. The band called the whole performance a “punk-prayer.”

The outrageous performance lasted no more than five minutes – then the band was kicked out of the church, eye-witnesses told Gazeta.ru.

Blogger Alexander Kashin wrote that the only words he could make out in the song were “holy s**t.” Kashin suggested that it might be the name of the song.

The blogger published photos of the girls in their colorful dresses wearing colored tights on their heads with holes cut out for eyes. There were five girls, and as soon as they started their performance, several security guards ran up to them and stated pushing them out of the church. Moscow police say they took all the girls to the station.

Soon after he published the photos, Kashin started receiving threatening calls.


Another attack on the church – Chaplin

Russian Orthodox Church official representative Vsevolod Chaplin said he was in the cathedral in the morning, and did not see any blasphemy.

“It is the first time I have heard about it from you,” he told a Dozhd TV journalist. “But I can say that there is nothing new in it. Our cathedral has been under siege for 2,000 years. Poor people.”


Anything goes on Maslenitsa

Archdeacon Andrei Kurayev was even more relaxed. “What they did is of course a disgrace, but it is a legal disgrace,” he is quoted as saying by Interfax. “It is Maslenitsa now. It is a time of buffoonery and turning things upside down. In the times of Peter the Great such pranks were the order of the day then (or, the order of Maslenitsa week),” Kurayev wrote on his LiveJournal account. “If I was a sacristan of this cathedral, I would give them some pancakes, a cup of mead, and asked to come back for forgiveness Sunday. And if I was a civilian, then I would also pinch them a little at our parting… as a father. To make them wiser.”

The actual sacristan of the church is however unhappy. “If what they say is true, then it shows how far society has fallen,” said archpriest Mikhail Ryazantsev.

Christ the Savior Cathedral was also attacked by feminists when Femen representatives took their tops off in front of it in December in protest against election fraud.

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