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Man kills five in shooting rampage

by at 07/11/2012 18:39

Five people were shot dead in a Moscow office on Wednesday morning by a colleague, who was immediately dubbed the “Russian Breivik” by the local media.

Two more people have been admitted to local hospitals, including a woman who allegedly rejected the affections of Dmitry Vinogradov, the suspected mass murderer, who was apprehended at the site of the shooting by security guards.

Just a few hours before the shooting, a misanthropic manifesto was posted to an account under the alleged shooter’s name on the popular vKontakte social networking site.


Two rifles

In the morning, Vinogradov, a 30-year-old employee of Rigla, a Russian pharmacy chain, allegedly showed up at work with two rifles and opened fire at his colleagues.

Two men and two women were shot dead sitting at their desks, the Investigative Committee later reported. Another man was killed on the stairs leading to the office, according to investigators.

Two people, a man and a woman, suffered severe injuries. Both have been treated in Moscow’s Sklifosovsky Institute for Emergency Medicine, RIA Novosti reported.

The injured woman’s name was Yaroslava Sergenyuk and she had earlier rejected Vinogradov’s advances, an acquaintance of Vinogradov told the news agency.

“[Vinogradov] didn’t show any response towards his unrequited love, he lived on his own and had no girlfriend,” the acquaintance said.

Meanwhile, Rigla's general director, Alexander Filippov, said that Vinogradov was indeed the shooter, but that he had never shown any signs of psychiatric instability, "he never expressed any radical ideas, nor shared any problems."

"When hiring Vinogradov, he not only passed interviews, but mandatory psychological and legal tests," RIA Novosti quoted Filippov as saying. "From a personal point of view, he was a closed man, but quiet, he did not show aggression." Filippov added that Vinogradov had passed through a magnetic-card activated turnstile, but the company did not carry out routine searches of its staff.


Malicious manifesto

The manifesto published on the social network account under the name of Dmitry Vinogradov fuelled speculations over similarities the case had with the mass murder in Norway in 2011, when a bomb attack and subsequent shootings staged by Anders Breivik killed 77 people.

Vinogradov’s text stated that natural selection no longer functioned and the whole world was just about to collapse.

“I hate human society and I’m disgusted to be part of it,” the manifesto read. “I hate the meaninglessness of human life and I hate life itself.”

“There is only one way to justify it – to eradicate as much human compost as possible,” the text went on.

Investigators are looking to carry out a psychiatric probe into Vinogradov’s mental health, according to RIA Novosti’s sources. 



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