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‘Russia’s Breivik’ suspect charged with mass murder

by at 08/11/2012 18:02

A legal adviser suspected of staging a lethal shooting rampage at his workplace in Moscow has been charged with murder, RAPSI reported from the courtroom on Thursday, where he was being indicted.

Dmitry Vinogradov said he “didn’t mind” his arrest by the Babushkinsky court, which sent him to pre-trial detention after the hearing.

The death toll reached six people after one of the victims died of injuries on the day after the massacre, which was purportedly triggered by unrequited love, RIA Novosti reported.

Investigators have backed the version of events in which Vinogradov, 30, came to work at the Rigla pharmacy chain on Wednesday and opened fire from two rifles at his colleagues.

One of the victims, a female pharmacist, who was transported to a Moscow hospital with injuries, allegedly did not respond to Vinogradov’s affections, which later turned into hatred toward humankind.

The man was detained by office security guards while reloading his weapons. Police officers at the site found 230 cartridges on him.


Misanthropic manifesto

Before the shooting, Vinogradov had been drinking for five days and posted an extremely misanthropic manifesto on his social network account hours prior to the killing, RIA Novosti reported.

Investigators are planning to check Vinogradov’s mental health. Representatives of the Rigla pharmacy chain said the man “has never shown any signs of psychiatric instability.”

Investigators are also to investigate the doctors who signed off on Vinogradov’s mental health as part of checks for him to receive a licence for arms possession, RAPSI reported.

The local media quickly dubbed him the “Russian Breivik,” referring to the case of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik sentenced to 21 years of prison earlier this year for killing 77 people in a shooting rampage in 2011.

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