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Moscow officials call for fingerprinting all foreigners

by at 22/11/2012 11:55

Moscow officials are planning to collect fingerprints from all foreigners arriving to the city to be entered into a special data base they plan to create, the capital’s security chief said on Wednesday.

The new rules are to apply to all non-Russian citizens, Alexei Mayorov, Moscow’s regional security department head added, RIA Novosti reported.

Companies that hire foreign employees are also to go through a thorough check, as well as clinics that issue health certificates for work permits, hotels and dormitories.

“Now we are going to issue quotas for labor workers only for those organizations that really need them,” Mayorov said. He, however, acknowledged that the need for a foreign work force is still persistent.

The Federal Migration Service has teamed up with the city’s government for the project, Mayorov added, RIA Novosti reported.

He didn’t elaborate on whether the new rules for Moscow would require further changes in federal legislation.

Previous attempt to change Russia’s migration laws raised concerns with Moscow’s business community and were scrapped shortly after. And introducing new rules solely for Moscow proved impossible under federal law.

"Moscow like any other constituent entity of the Russian Federation has no right to determine its migration policy. But as a constituent entity, Moscow is responsible for everything which happens on its territory, it can contribute suggestions, including those about legislation, but whether they will be considered is a big question," Yevgeny Chernetsov, deputy chairman at Moscow's committee for interregional relations and ethnic policy, told Vremya.ru, back in 2010.





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