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Herpes found festering in Moscow fountains

by Joe West for The Moscow News at 18/06/2013 16:28

The All-Russia Exhibition Center (VVC) has warned Muscovites about the dangers of bathing in its fountains due to the large risk of contracting infections.
According to a statement on the site’s webpage there is a “large risk of catching various infections such as herpes, enterovirus and coronavirus among others.” If the chance of receiving a grotesque virus were not enough to deter would-be bathers, other reasons provided by the state exhibition park not to opt for a casual wade in the fountains include being injured by “shards of metal hidden under the water surface” or “slipping and falling from a great height.”
The impressive fountains are something of a showpiece in the park but, despite being sporadically cleaned, still build up dirt and bacteria which can cause infection. The VVC management also added in their statement that they do not sanction flash mobs using the fountains in their demonstrations and also disapprove of water fights.
“It should be noted that all the fountains in the All-Russia Exhibition Center are cultural monuments belonging to the state,” reads the statement. “Damaging them is an offense punishable by the laws of the Russian Federation.”

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