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Second-hand solution for fashion in Moscow

It isn't a secret, shopping in Moscow is expensive. Yet, the streets are lousy with style! How can you keep up with the Ivanovs and keep your wardrobe trendy? The second-hand store Mega Hand has the answer.

With two locations in Moscow, one near Alexeyevskaya metro at 2 Ulitsa Pavla Korchagina and the other near Kozhukhovskaya metro at 32 Ulitsa Trofimova, Mega Hand is a bargain shopper's dream. The company advertises "clothing from Europe for the whole family," and replenishes their gently used brand-name stock with new shipments on Saturdays. If a pair of mint-condition Hilfiger Denim jeans for 1,000 rubles ($30) sounds like a good deal, hold on - it gets better.

In order to ensure complete product turnover and keep its inventory fresh, the store offers discounts that increase daily, giving patrons 10 to 90 percent off of their already nominal prices. The complete schedule of shipments and discounts can be found on the company's website, www.mega-hand.ru (unfortunately, only available in Russian), or in pocket-sized calendars available at either store.

Although both stores are spacious, the one located a short bus ride from Alexeyevskaya is considerably larger (1,000 square meters!), and thus provides more skirts and shirts to sift through on your hunt for the perfect outfit. To make things easier for customers, the merchandise is both neatly and logically organized on separate racks for men, women and children. When you do find that item your closet has been missing, multiple changing rooms conveniently ensure a proper fit.

Whether you are strapped for cash, a thrifty shopper, or just love a bargain, Mega Hand is the Moscow store for you. After all, any pair of jeans in this city that costs a mere 100 rubles is clearly something to see.

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