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Marathon runner 1.5 times faster than Moscow traffic

by Anna Arutunyan at 16/09/2013 16:51

The winner of the Moscow Marathon completed a distance of 40 kilometers faster than a commuter driving the same distance in Friday night traffic, according to a comparison conducted by Yandex.probki, a service that tracks traffic congestion in Moscow.

The First Moscow Marathon was held on Sunday in the area around Luzhniki Stadium, with participants competing in a 42-kilometer race and a 195-meter sprint. Experts from Yandex.probki compared the best results of the 42-km race (2 hours and 19 minutes) with the time it took commuters to travel the same distance by car on Friday evening.

The marathon runner turned out to be 1.5 times faster than the Friday night commuter, RIA Novosti cited Yandex.probki’s statement as saying.

Most of the 42-km race was on Moscow’s embankments, the Garden Ring, and the Boulevard Ring.

According to Yandex.probki, traffic was not as congested as it could have been last Friday. It would have taken a commuter about six and a half hours to travel the same distance of 42 kilometers on the worst recorded traffic day in 2012.


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