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Zhirinovsky explains election-video donkey flogging

by at 08/02/2012 18:57

LDPR leader and presidential candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky found himself in trouble with animal-rights activists after flogging a donkey in an election campaign video.

Zhirinovsky invited media representatives into his house to see that the donkey from the video is kept in comfortable conditions.

Zhirinovsky’s donkey sparks online storm

The video showing the politician sitting in a sled and whipping a donkey caused a storm on the internet.

Socialite and TV presenter Xenia Sobchak tweeted a link to the clip. “The donkey has bad karma. In his previous life he must have been a presidential candidate too.” She then added “why does he call the cute donkey small and sick? And beats him? What is the donkey guilty of? Save the animal from Zhirinovsky!:)”

The Liberal Democrats’ leader says the little animal symbolized present-day Russia, which was previously a mighty troika instead. “We do not want such a small and weak animal to be the symbol of Russia,” he said, explaining his metaphor.

People should envy the donkey’s life - Zhirinovsky

The donkey lives at Zhirinovsky’s dacha, the politician had to explain to journalists on Wednesday, assuring them that the conditions for the donkey were so comfortable that some people could envy them, RIA Novosti reported.

“It was a gift to me for my 60th birthday,” Zhirinovsky explained. “The slacker has had five years of doing nothing, he never even carried anything. It’s fat, it eats better than you and has a separate apartment. And [you say] I do not love animals! I spend day and night in the open air. You’re standing here in this stuffy room,” Zhirinovsky told journalists, and invited them to his dacha, to see for themselves that “nowhere in the world there are conditions [as good as] that.”

Parasailing donkey

It is the second donkey to cause a media storm in Russia. In the summer of 2010, a donkey was sent parasailing over Azov Sea as an advertisement for parasailing rides. The video was seen all over the world and even Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp expressed an interest in taking the poor animal to the UK.

The donkey was then moved to Moscow stables, where it died some months later.

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