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Nude protest draws attention to journalistic prostitution

by at 26/03/2012 19:14

A nude protest on Sunday saw a number of barely clad activists plus an activist named Dmitry Medvedev detained in central Moscow, head of the Love Party movement, Alexander Donskoi, said on Monday.

The group of people was going to march naked on Red Square, but only four of them actually had a chance to get undressed and take a top-less plunge in a fountain inside the swanky GUM department store.

The namesake of the Russian president was detained before he got to the location and sent to a psychiatric ward in one of Moscow’s detention centers. “He was wearing a monk robe and a police flashing light on his head,” Donskoi told the Moscow News.


Paid activists

Medvedev, who changed his name to match the president’s name by deed poll, was the last one to be released after yesterday’s prank, which aimed to have professional prostitutes support their “colleagues” working in the field of journalism. He was the only person who wasn’t paid yesterday, Donskoi said. 

“Many journalists are prostituting themselves illegally, and we want them to be paid openly and not just receive piles of cash in envelopes,” Donskoi said. “The Kremlin buys them, and so does the opposition, although they just have less money for that,” he added.


Sex museum act

Before the failed attempt to hold a naked march on Moscow’s main square, the hired activists posed naked at the capital’s sex museum owned by Donskoi, where portraits of the most buyable journalists were put on display.

“We had lovely pictures there, and to my surprise Ksenia Sobchak was the winner in our online poll,” Donskoi said.

And together with Sobchak, images of Vladimir Solovyov, who hosts a chat show on a state run TV station, and Sobchak’s main rival from the pro-governmental camp Tina Kandelaki were exhibited there.


The Party of Love

Honesty has been declared the main principle for the party, although his yet unregistered political organization is not going to have any official ideology.

“Our full name is The Party of Love and Those Who Don’t Give a F**k, and our members don’t care for politics but want to be loved and accepted whether they are prostitutes, transsexuals or just people who think differently,” he said.

Unlike other politicians, Donskoi said he was open about his personal motivation. For money, his party is ready to support whoever needed and help to get a seat in the Duma.

“I was an official politician, and was a member of opposition movement, but now I’m open to about everything and I feel as good as ever,” added the former mayor of Arkhangelsk, who was once found guilty for using a fake university diploma. Many believed his prosecution to be due to a conflict with the then head of the region, Nikolai Kiselyov.


Party name unregisterable

Previously the party was denied registration because its name didn’t meet ethical standards. New rules for party building, which are expected to come in force before President Dmitry Medvedev vacates his office for Vladimir Putin, might make the process easier, but a name change will still be needed.

Critics of Medvedev’s reform also say that the new rules are likely to reduce the politics to an absurdity with numerous fake parties getting official registration after the presidential bill comes into force.

“There will be spoiler-parties and midget parties that will be inflated ahead of the election to take away votes from the opposition,” Gennady Gudkov, Duma Deputy from A Just Russia party told the Russian edition of Forbes last week. 

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