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Communist bosses come under fire for ‘religious dogma’ and ‘bourgeois nationalism’

by at 10/10/2012 18:09

Veteran communists heading the Russian Communist Party have come under fire for their religious beliefs and ideological treachery, as their comrades spelt out their complaints in an open letter on Tuesday.

Yegor Ligachyov, a Politburo member in the Gorbachev era and member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF), was among those who endorsed the address ahead of regional elections scheduled for the weekend and the party’s upcoming anniversary.

“The political strategy of the KPRF’s leadership is not consistent and decisive,” the letter was quoted by the Newru web portal as saying.

“In the party’s ideology, [historical] materialism is being replaced with idealism and religious dogma, and proletarian internationalism with bourgeois nationalism.”


Taking part in Orthodox services

KPRF’s long-term leader, Gennady Zyuganov, says he remains faithful to late Soviet traditions, laying flowers on Stalin’s grave near the Kremlin wall. He, however, was also seen taking part in Orthodox services and even sneaking into the Christ the Saviour Cathedral to venerate Virgin Mary’s Belt last year.

While time-tested communists have suddenly turned to Orthodoxy, oligarchs have stared taking the party’s seats in the State Duma, the die-hard communists wrote. “There are nearly no workers, country folk, professional unions’ leaders,” the note read.

The party has also failed to join and head Russia’s anti-Kremlin movement, which emerged last winter and saw groups with the party’s flag only attend one of its tens-of-thousands strong protests, according to the open letter.


‘Neo- Trotskyists’

The group of critics, dubbed “neo-Trotskyists” by some Russian media, had quite a few prominent KPRF members taking part, ex-State Duma deputies Vladislav Yurchik and Lyubov Oleinik, among others.

For Ligachyov, it’s not been the first time he has criticized the party’s leadership. In 2010, he protested the dissolution of KPRF’s branch in Moscow having written to Zyuganov and speaking at the party’s congress.

The most recent letter had also been released just before the next party assembly, scheduled for December, but the party leaders said it was more likely aiming at the regional elections, beginning as soon as this weekend, Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported.

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