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Wedding bells silenced by double killing in Voronezh

by at 11/08/2010 14:06


They should have been preparing to enjoy a new life together, but Alexander Kuleshov, 28, and his fiancée Tatyana Larina, 32, are in prison and hospital respectively – and two Voronezh policemen are dead.

Accounts of what happened when officers Sergei Fetisov, 45, and Alexei Shcherbakov, 30, were killed following a road accident on the Kursk-Saratov highway vary.

Larina, who lost the child she was carrying in the fight and is now in hospital, claims she and her family were set upon by drunken cops and Kuleshov leapt into action to defend his family.

She claims that after a road accident the cops “pounced like animals”. After seeing his girlfriend beaten to the floor, and believing she had been killed, Kuleshov pulled out a knife and attacked.

“On Aug. 18 we were planning our wedding,” she told the web portal. “Now Sasha is in prison and I am in hospital.”


Police view

A third officer, Alexei Seleznev, 33, survived the attack – and gives a different account of what happened.

He told Life News that after being involved in a collision with Larina and Kuleshov’s vehicle the three cops got out to investigate.

“Nobody expected they would have knives,” he said.

An official statement confirms that the three officers stopped a vehicle with six people to check their documents, and the case is under investigation.


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