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Kadyrov blames London for Grozny attack

by at 20/10/2010 12:40

Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov has taken a swipe at the west, implicating them in the terrorist attack on his parliament yesterday.

While naming separatist leader Akhmed Zakayev as the brains behind the attack, he blasted British and Polish authorities for shielding his prime suspect. 

“The authorities in London and Warsaw are harbouring criminals. Why do they shield bandits who have shed blood where there is western democracy? Where is the justice? Let them send their representatives and we will prove Zakayev’s guilt. Sooner or later Zakayev, Gakayev, Umarov, Vadalov and other criminals will get what they deserve. We will get our hands on them,” Kadyrov said in a press release after the attack.

Zakayev has refugee status in the UK, and was recently allowed to leave Poland after being briefly detained at a Chechen congress in Warsaw.

“I have no doubt that it was the drunk and alcoholic Akhmed Zakayev and his backers in London and other western capitals. I want to say that they will not achieve anything. The Chechen republic is still standing. It is a peaceful and stable region,” Kadyrov added.

Zakayev said he had nothing to do with the attacks, newsru.com reported.


Peace and stability

The attack, which left three dead and 17 injured as well as the three dead terrorists, occurred early on Tuesday morning in and around the Chechen parliament building in Grozny.

At 9 am in a separate newly built hall Chechen deputies were to meet their counterparts from Yekaterinburg’s Legislative Assembly. There, visiting representative Igor Danilov was scheduled to lead a discussion of economic and cultural cooperation, “We wanted to say what it is like living in today’s peaceful Chechnya,” he told Kommersant.

They were about to go to the meeting in a separate building when, at 8:40 am, the sounds of gunshots and rocket fire assailed their ears.


Unwitting witness

A driver from a Grozny taxi firm told investigators how three men with automatic weapons and dressed in camouflage told him that they were bodyguards to one of the MPs and that they were late for one of their boss’s meetings.

At the gates they told him to wait a few minutes, they let a car with deputies riding in it pass through and then jumped out of their own vehicle and ran after it. A pair of policemen at the checkpoint tried to stop them but the assailants immediately opened fire, killing one and wounding the other, Kommersant reported.

An alternative account said one of the militants blew himself up as the deputies’ car drew through the gates. The others seized the moment of confusion to race into the compound, say Moskovsky Komsomolets.

From that point on most reports agree that the gunmen knew exactly where to go once they were in the compound and ran across to the building where the meeting was taking place.

There they ran into the real bodyguards, who were waiting for the end of the meeting.

“We heard gunfire from automatic weapons, followed by shots from grenade launchers. A couple of times they even reached our building, but thanks to the efficient work of law enforcement agencies and soldiers we were very quickly evacuated to safety," Danilov told Kommersant.

Kommersant reported that a third militant blew himself up at this point to protect his comrades, while Newsru.com says it was because the bandits were outnumbered. That blast killed a caretaker and a member of the special services. Others suffered shrapnel wounds.

Breaking into the unguarded parliament building the militants were trapped on the first floor and used the last of their ammunition on the defenders before blowing themselves up. They never got as far as the main hall, “It is best not even think about what would have happened had those explosions gone off in a crowded conference room,” Grozny’s Leninsky district prosecutor Alexei Burmansky told Komersant.


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