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Baby named after life-saving cop

by at 06/12/2011 17:13

A baby boy in Moscow Region has been rescued after being abandoned by his mother and named in honor of the young policeman who found him.


Lieutenant Vladislav Guskov and Captain Vyacheslav Kornyukhin were out in their patrol car when they got a call about an abandoned baby in the town of Naro-Fomisk, to the southwest of Moscow.


To the rescue


They switched on sirens and lights and changed route, to rush to the scene. There they found the baby lying on the concrete floor of a stairwell.


“The child was wrapped in three bags and was already in a bad way,” Guskov told Life News. And time was marching on, “We couldn’t wait for an ambulance and decided to take him ourselves to hospital.”


“I held the boy in my arms,” he said. “The child’s lips had already turned blue and I was afraid we wouldn’t get there in time, so we tried to go faster. We went straight to the hospital, where they were ready for us.


“We went upstairs… And gave him to a doctor, who took a look at him and took him off us,” Guskov said.


The child was named Vyacheslav in honor of Kornyukhin.


Mother unknown


Doctors think Vyachleslav Jr. was born in a hospital, rather than at home or on the street, and a search is on to find his mother, starting at nearby maternity wards.


Dog-handlers couldn’t pick up a scent from the scene of the boy’s discovery, suggesting that the new-born was brought in a car and then dumped in the stairwell, Life News reported.


Little Vyacheslav was better within a couple of days and he will probably be given over to a family soon. Prospective parents are already preparing their documents, the news portal reported.

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