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Cheap jewellery and sex toys – worst Women’s Day gifts

by at 07/03/2012 15:45

Russian women are sick of getting cheap jewellery, sex-toys, kitchen appliances and souvenirs as International Women’s Day presents, a Superjob survey revealed.

Cheap jewellery was top of the anti-rating, as 58 percent of the 1,600 respondents would be unsatisfied with such a gift. Women admitted that while they like good-quality jewellery, the gifts would have to match their sense of style and taste.

Second place in the rating of worst presents belongs to sex toys. “They’re vulgar,” 42 percent of women said.

A certificate for a parachute jump would be unsuitable for 42 percent of women. Such gifts are unwelcome mostly by women over 45, who consider themselves too mature for such “cheap nonsense.” They are hoping for a “more elegant and useful gift.”

Souvenirs, key rings, statuettes, and other things that “annoy and take up space” would upset 38 percent of the respondents.

Russian women also do not appreciate kitchen appliances and utensils as most see them as a necessity, and not a present, and 18 percent do not want a frying pan or something similar for March 8. Most women aged between 25 and 34 would prefer “any gift, but not pans and useless souvenirs.”

Lacy underwear is also not a popular present, disliked by 13 percent of women, 12 percent would not be happy seeing a certificate for a gym membership, and 11 percent would not like a SPA certificate or any shop’s gift card.

Five percent of women, however, will be happy about any gift. “Any gift is attention, and any attention is always nice.”

Flowers are the best present

Another survey conducted by Levada-Center put the accent on the positive. Many women would like flowers for women’s day (45 percent, according to a poll), and 54 percent of men plan to buy them on the holiday.

Moscow residents seems to be keen on buying flowers for March 8, as search requests for them on Yandex increased by more than double.

Roses are the most popular flowers, followed by tulips and orchids.

What women want

However, 23 percent would not say no to jewellery, but half of them will be disappointed, as only 12 percent of men plan to buy such a gift, the Levada-Center poll revealed.

Thirteen percent of women would like make-up and perfume, and 19 percent of men will buy it. Sweets or money would be a desired present for 13 percent of women.

One in 10 Russian women would like to be invited to the theater or a romantic evening on March 8, but it would seem that few will be pleased on this count, as only 3 percent of men plan such activities.

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