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Teenagers caught train surfing on high-speed Sapsan

by at 03/04/2012 16:35

Transport police detained three teenagers for riding to Vladimir on the roof of a high-speed Sapsan train, Interfax reported.

Railway workers told police that the teenagers were riding on the roof of the Moscow–Nizhny Novgorod Sapsan train, the Interior Ministry’s Volga region transport department said.

“We decided to make an emergency stop of the Sapsan at the Orekhovo-Zuyevo station. Three teenagers that had clung to the train were taken off, and they made it to Nizhny Novgorod safely with the rest of the Sapsan passengers,” the ministry announced.

However, there are accounts that there were six teenagers aged 16-18, but three managed to escape, Argumenty i Fakty reported.

The teenagers were sent to the Ulybka shelter, where their parents picked them up later. They will be charged with violating transportation rules.

The teenagers managed to travel 90 km on the roof of the train going at over 200 km per hour. Power lines carrying 27,000 volts run above the train line. The peculiarities of Gorky Railways’ section of track, however, means that even getting close to the wires could leave a person with deadly burns, so riding on top of trains on that part of railroad is especially dangerous.

Dangerous game

Young people are often not aware of the dangers of riding on the roof of the trains. On March 28, an 18-year-old St. Petersburg resident was removed from atop a train. He said he had been riding like this for four years, and was caught on metro trains several times, but had only been fined.

Last Saturday a 14-year-old boy was found injured near Tsaritsyno. He is thought to have been travelling on top of a train and must have been hit by a power line and received serious electrical burns.

In February last year, two train-surfing teenagers were found dead. They had been riding hanging from the sides of the trains, but did not take into account that on the Filyevskaya metro line tunnels are so narrow that there is no space left between them and the carriages.

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