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Military testing new ray gun

by at 24/04/2012 19:28


Russia’s military specialists are testing a new non-lethal directed energy beam weapon, Interfax reported on Tuesday. The new weapon is being created by 12th Central Military Research and Development Institute in the Moscow Region’s town of Sergiyev Posad.

The ray gun uses ultra high frequency electromagnetic radiation to heat the surface of targets’ skin causing them unbearable pain, but no lasting aftereffects. Targets, such as rowdy protesters, inevitably flee rather than face further blasts. The United States has already created such a weapon, which it refers to as an “Active Denial System.”


Fast acting

Lieutenant-Colonel Dmitry Soskov, deputy head of the research institute that created the weapon, said that the weapon was quick to disable targets.

“For a person to be struck by pain, you need only two or three seconds,” Interfax quoted Soskov as saying.The radiation passes freely through clothes without damaging them.”

He said the range of the ray gun depended on the size of the cannon.

“If we are talking about a range of 250-300 meters, the generator could fit in the passenger section of a Gazel mini-bus or a Tiger off-road vehicle,” said Soskov.


Well-suited to city situations

The new weapon would be well suited to clearing city disturbances, such as disorderly public rallies. Unlike non-lethal laser cannons, smoke would not stop the new energy beam weapon.

“For optically impenetrable mediums lasers are not very good. Out set-up will work in this case.” Difficult city layouts with numerous shielding objects would also provide no refuge for targets.

“The generator allows for shooting around corners with the use of reflectors, it is irreplaceable in the city,” Soskov said.  


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