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Ex-cop arrested as suspected serial killer

by at 29/06/2012 18:48

Siberian police arrested a suspected serial killer who turned out to be a former policeman. The murders were committed in late ’90s, but only now have the police matched the suspect’s DNA to that left on some victims.

The preliminary investigation showed that all the victims, residents of Angarsk in Baikal region, disappeared at night in similar circumstances.

The women were mostly aged between 19 and 28 (25 victims) and four women were 35-40 years old. Most of them were drunk coming back from bars or parties. The one sober victim was not raped, but strangled with a scarf. Otherwise the killer used an axe, a knife or a screwdriver, hitting them numerous times. Most victims died on the spot. One woman had her heart cut out.

Some time later the victims’ bodies were discovered close to the city in forests, city cemeteries, or by the road. The majority of the bodies were naked with signs of sexual violence. Sometimes money and jewelry were missing.


Car tracks helped the investigation

The police found tire tracks from a Niva near some of the bodies, Kommersant reported.

The investigators checked all Niva owners in the area and matched their DNA to the samples records that they had already collected. The police questioned more than 1,000 people in the case and took DNA tests from more than 3,500 people.

Two separate tests matched DNA from victims’ bodies to that of the suspect.

The suspect, Mikhail P., was arrested on June 23, when he went to Vladivostok to buy a car, Life News reported. The court ordered to keep him behind bars until the end of the investigation.

“The man is suspected of rape and committing sexual violence and murdering three women. The crimes were committed in March, June and December of 1997,” Angarsk court announced.

The police are looking into his possible connection to 26 more murders committed between November 1994 and June 2000 in Angarsk, and neighboring Usolsk and Irkutsk regions.

However, the police think that he could have had accomplices, as two women were killed at the same time in Angarsk. The police suspect his wife.

When the crimes were committed the man was an acting policeman, but has since retired.

At the questioning Mikhail P. said he stopped after a sexually transmitted disease left him impotent and he lost the will to rape and kill.

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