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Madonna cleared in gay propaganda case

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A St. Petersburg court dismissed all claims against Madonna on Thursday, finding the pop diva innocent of causing millions of rubles’ worth of moral harm to anti-gay activists. 

Petitioners demanded 333 million rubles of compensation from the U.S. singer, who toured in the northern city earlier this year, as well as from her gig’s organizers and the concert hall. They claimed the singer’s actions were anti-religious, and that the show insulted them by promoting homosexuality.

The judge, however, ruled that it was the plaintiffs who should pay. All nine of their lawsuits were dismissed, and the fierce defenders of “traditional sexual relations” will have to reimburse legal expenses to the companies who were sued, RAPSI reported.

Each of the plaintiffs will have to pay about 38,000 rubles.


Long-lasting damages

During Thursday’s hearings, the petitioners had a chance to elaborate on the damage caused by the concert, where the pop queen made a speech in defense of gay rights.

“After Madonna’s call [for support of gay rights], boys and girls will become lecherous, which will lead to the loss of defense potential of the country,” the plaintiffs’ representative said in the court room.

More negative effects were to come, according to petitioners, as the promotion of homosexuality at the concert would worsen Russia’s not-so-positive birth rates.


Adults only show

Madonna’s speech was made amid tense discussions of an anti-gay law adopted in St. Petersburg, which banned the propaganda of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgenderism among minors.

Tickets to Madonna’s concert, however, were designated “18+” - only for adults over the age of 18 - which therefore liberated the organizers from all responsibility, according to their legal representatives.

The complainants retaliated, saying that the concert hall and organizers were responsible for entrance control, as well as for everything else that happened during the gig.

The court found all their claims and evidence, including an article from Wikipedia about international symbols of the gay rights movement, unfounded. 



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