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Russia cuts quota for expat middle management

by at 11/12/2012 14:38

The Russian Labor Ministry has cut the numbers for expat managerial and engineering staff for 2013, according to the ministry’s website.

Directorial positions in companies, institutions and enterprises as well as in their departments have seen the largest cut of 14 percent. Quotas for foreign specialists in natural sciences and engineering have been reduced by 12.8 percent.

For workers engaged in metal-working and machine building industries, numbers have grown by just over 11 percent. For other categories growth was less which made the overall volume of quotas at the level of 2012, all together 1,745,584 people.

The changes, however, are not to apply to top management with yearly salaries of more than 2 million rubles.


Expertise grows with appetites

Experts questioned by Vedomosti business daily acknowledged that the local level of expertise had grown significantly.

Sometimes, however, it was not enough for the candidates’ financial appetites.

Yekaterina Gorokhova, director general at Kelly Service, said one foreign company struggled to hire a Russian director who wanted his monthly salary to be twice as big as his German expat colleagues were paid.

In general, the trend is that Russian employers look closer at the local market, without giving up the idea of hiring foreign staff when there is a need.

“Employers want to hire people who are professional and speak both languages, Russian and English, but they don’t have to necessarily be expats,” Christian Lepolard, partner at Antal Russia recruitment agency, told Vedomosti.

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