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Cyber crime lord faces child rape charges

by at 30/05/2011 13:22

Spamming supremo Leonid Kuvayev is facing charges for raping mentally ill teenage girls from a children’s home.

Notorious in Russia, Canada and the US as a prolific spammer who distributes child pornography, the recent set of charges could see Kuvayev facing up to 20 years for each offence.

The girls suffered from psychological disorders and were lured to Kuvayev’s office where a sex room had been prepared at the back, investigators say.


Organised crime

Kuvayev was already under surveillance for cyber crime and police believe that he committed rape on multiple occasions.

“Police officers conducted a search of the office, which the criminal used for a real estate business. They uncovered a room with a shower, sauna, Jacuzzi and a huge bed. They seized a whip, handcuffs, and sex toys,” a police statement said, RIA Novosti reported.

Officers add that at present they have identified 10 victims and that the Investigative Committee has uncovered 60 incidents of criminal activity.


Virtual émigré

“The attacker was already in detectives’ sights,” an interior ministry source told Life News. “After emigrating to the US about ten years ago he created phishing sites and sites for money laundering, selling online casino software and fake bank and ID cards.”

Soon after that he created child pornography sites and advertised them with the aid of spam messages which he advertised by email. This earned him tens of millions of dollars, Life News reported.

In 2005 US law enforcement launched a criminal investigation and a Massachusetts court fined Kuvayev’s company 37.5 million dollars.  

As well as proliferating spam he was responsible for DDOS attacks on large American corporations. He created a number of real estate firms, internet companies and the Chocolate café network, before investigators turned their collective eye on his possible involvement in rape.


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