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Russian Bank Puts Sochi 2014 Coin on Sale

by R-Sport at 05/03/2013 13:33

Russian bank Sberbank has put a rectangular commemorative coin on sale featuring one of the three mascots of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics - the polar bear.
The coin is the second in a series to display the mascots after last year's version featured the snow leopard.
Like their predecessors, the polar bear coins are available in three denominations: Three rubles (10 U.S. cents), 50 rubles ($1.60) and 100 rubles.
They show the cartoon polar bear wearing a scarf and waving, with the Sochi 2014 and Olympic ring logos also on display.
The three-ruble coin is made of silver and carries a price tag of 2,300 rubles ($74.87); the gold 50 ruble coin costs 16,100 rubles ($524); and those wishing to acquire the 100 ruble coin will have to fork over 31,500 rubles ($1,100).
The coins went on sale in Sberbank's Moscow offices on Tuesday.

Sberbank is Russia's main savings bank.

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